Celtic Quilt Tours 2017

Debbi Cagney and I are sooooo excited to be hosting THREE fabulous Quilt Shop & Textile Tours in 2017. Overwhelming interest for our Ireland tour in June has led us to host a SECOND Ireland tour! The first tour is June 5-16 (SOLD OUT in just 9 days!), and the second tour is June 19-30. Our Scotland Tour will be September 13-24.

Please visit our website for all the information!

Quilt Shop & Textile Tour of Ireland – I, June 5-16, 2017: www.celticquilttours.com

Quilt Shop & Textile Tour of Ireland РII, June 19-30, 2017: www.celticquilttours.com

Quilt Shop & Textile Tour of Scotland, September 13-24, 2017: www.celticquilttours.com

We will soon be announcing our 2018 tours – Ireland in early June and Wales/England in August! Please contact me if you are interested to receive information.