Celtic Quilt Tours 2018

Debbi Cagney and I are very happy and excited to be hosting THREE fabulous Quilt Shop & Textile Tours in 2018.

Please visit our website for all the information!

Rocky Mountain Shop-Hop to Quilt Canada (Vancouver) May 2018 (details coming soon):  www.celticquilttours.com

Quilt Shop and Textile Tour of Ireland, June 4-15, 2018:  www.celticquilttours.com

Wales and the Birmingham Quilt Festival, August 2-13, 2018: www.celticquilttours.com

Post-Wales Excursion to London, August 1318, 2018:  www.celticquilttours.com

Please contact me if you are interested in further information. We’d love to have you along with us!